Best Place to Buy Camper Trailers in Sunshine Coast

Hard Floor Camper Trailers for Sale Sunshine Coast

Buying a camper trailer can be a very good investment. There are many places to explore when deciding where to purchase a new camper trailer. The variety is so great that it can be a very hard decision to make. Some prefer to purchase a basic, cheap model; while others prefer all of the luxuries and want as many upgrades as possible.

The first step is to find the best place to buy camper trailers in the Sunshine Coast. You want to make your purchase at a reputable store. Jawa Camper Trailers offers quality trailers at affordable prices that are backed by a name you can trust. They even guarantee their campers with a one year full warranty on any parts or services needed. There are so many options to choose from when purchasing a camper trailer. Whatever your needs or budget may be, Jawa provides you with the best value for your hard earned money. They pride themselves on making your camper trailer decision an easy and painless one.

After realising that Jawa Camper Trailers is the best place to buy camper trailers in the Sunshine Coast; the next step is deciding on which camper trailer best suits your needs. There are many types of camper trailers to choose from. Some of these are: hard floor camper trailers, off road camper trailers, galvanised camper trailers, and 4X4 camper trailers.


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Hard Floor Camper Trailers

A hard floor camper traileris just as it sounds; a camper trailer with a hard floor. The frame of the camper trailer is typically galvanized and is stainless steel. It usually has a stainless steel, 4- burner stove within it.

One main difference between that of hard floor camper trailersand aluminum sided trailers is that, unlike aluminum sided trailers, a hard floor camper does not have walls that remain upright. The walls are 'soft walls' and are vinyl or canvas just like a regular tent. This provides a lot of the same experiences as a tent would give, with the added protection of a solid floor to walk on. It even provides tent-like windows on the sides of the walls for great air-flow.

These camper trailers are great for towing. They are not too heavy so you can most likely tow them with any vehicle that has a hitch on it. Jawa Camper Trailers offers a great variety of hard floor camper trailers. They have many different types of hard floor camper trailersto choose from and can offer you a variety of options to fit your budget and fulfill your camping needs.

Off Road Camper Trailers

Many people are adventurous and like to veer off of the trails to find the perfect camping site. Jawa Off Road Camper Trailersare designed for adventures like these. They are built to handle all of our tough Australian conditions. Traveling can get a little rocky at times, so it is important to find a high quality trailer that can make it safely through extreme off-road camping. Off road camper trailersare strong and durable; yet maintain a high quality of comfort while you are relaxing at your camp site.

These types of camper trailers are perfect for those who like to explore the outdoors and go off path once in a while. Jawa Off Road Camper Trailers provide your trailer with heavy duty suspension to help you make it to your destination without any problems.

Galvanised Camper Trailers

There are many decisions to make when purchasing a new camper trailer. Jawa Camper Trailers has the option of buying your camper trailer already galvanised, making it the best place to buycamper trailers in the Sunshine Coast. Galvanised steel is steel that is protected from corroding by going through a certain chemical process. This is done by coating it with the protective metal 'zinc oxide', because it resists rust.

Not only does it resist rust, but it makes steel more durable. The finish also makes the structure hard to scratch which is very appealing for many people. Galvanised camper trailers are ideal for maintaining a long-lasting, durable trailer that you will have for many years to come.

4X4 Camper Trailers

4X4 Camper Trailersallow you to drive off-road in comfort and style. This camper trailer can be built somewhat on top of a 4X4 and almost seems attached to the vehicle being driven. The 4X4 camper trailercomes with 4X4 tires that are ready to take a trip on any terrain. It also comes with a spare 4X4 tire and a permanently set-up table. It is light to tow due to the strong reliable construction leaf springs that are matched to the weight load. There are many basics when purchasing a 4X4 camper trailer. Some of these may include:

  • Two bench seats around the table, with storage under the seat tops

  • Water tank

  • Front storage area that is built into the trailer structure

  • 3 large windows and 1 large door

  • Water pump for kitchen sink

  • Much more!

The possibilities are endless when choosing which camper trailer to purchase from Jawa Camper Trailers, the best place to buy camper trailers in the Sunshine Coast. Whether you prefer hard floor camper trailers, off road camper trailers, galvanised camper trailers, or 4X4camper trailers; it is important to invest in the one that perfectly suits your needs.

Each type of camper trailer is strong and durable and can help you to create memories that last a lifetime. No matter which path you choose to go down, or which terrain you are headed over, a sales expert at Jawa Camper Trailers can help you choose which type of camper trailer is best for you and/or your family.