High Quality Trailers for Sale in Sunshine Coast

Aluminium Trailers for Sale Sunshine Coast

High Quality Trailers for Sale in Sunshine Coast

When it comes time to buy a camper trailer for yourself and your family; it can be a hard decision to make. You want a high quality, reliable trailer that fits your budget and needs. There are many types of camper trailers to choose from. Some are very basic and cheap, but can work themselves all the way up to luxurious and pricy.

Many people seek a comfortable and relaxing time at their campsite. Although you can find comfort in most camping trailers; traveling to your destination can often get a little bumpy. It is important to find a high quality trailer that can make it through tough conditions and extreme off-road camping.

There are many high quality trailers for sale in the Sunshine Coast. The Jawa Off Road Camper Trailers combine quality with comfortability. They provide numerous options to fit your budget and needs. Everyone wants to make it to their destination when traveling; without any problems or concerns. Jawa Off Road Campers are extremely durable trailers, offering a variety of Hard Floor & Soft Floor styles including Rear Fold, Forward Fold & Side Folds that can be very basic or very luxurious.

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Maintaining a Tight Budget

The least expensive way to find high quality trailers for sale in the Sunshine Coast is to look for a popup camper. A popup camper is also known as a tent trailer. This is because it provides you with the closest tenting experience when camping in the outdoors. It is a trailer that is on wheels, but is collapsible for easy storage. A typical popup has a trailer frame, box, hard roof, pull out bunks, and softer walls. Soft walls are usually made out of vinyl or canvas and have clear plastic windows in the center of each side.

A basic popup is considered cheap in the RV world. This camping trailer may have a fold-down table, sink, two sleeping bunks, and storage cabinets. There is not much walking space inside a popup camper so most activities must be done outdoors. The interior may also include a small refrigerator, stove, and rooftop air conditioner. Usually, however, the stove is set up on the exterior of the trailer due to the lack of space. A popup is smaller and some things may be used for multiple purposes. For example, most fold-down tables have benches that are converted into beds for sleeping. Jawa Off Road Campers offer a Forward Fold Hard Floor Trailer which is extremely durable and provide a more luxurious & comfortable camping experience, most similar to a popup.


Hard Shell Aluminum Camper Trailers - do you mean SOFT FLOOR CAMPER TRAILER?

Popup campers are just right for those who want a little more protection than a tent would give a person. Another great choice when looking for high quality trailers for sale in the Sunshine Coast is a hard-sided, or aluminum, camper trailer. Like popup campers, these are also towed behind your vehicle. They do, however, provide a family with a lot more protection than a tent or popup camping trailer.

Aluminum trailers do not have collapsible sides and remain fully upright when you tow them. These camper trailers are not as cheap as popup campers and often have more inclusions. Most of them come with stoves, refrigerators, and bathrooms inside the structure itself. Most aluminum trailers stand upright and extend over the bed of a pickup truck. This creates a sturdy sleeping space that is already set up for you or your family.

Although there are many advantages to having an aluminum trailer over a popup camper; there are a couple of disadvantages as well. The main disadvantage is that you must have a strong enough vehicle to tow your trailer anywhere it needs to go. Many people have large pickup trucks or sport utility vehicles to pull them. If you already have a strong vehicle to pull your aluminum trailer; then you have one less disadvantage than everyone else.

Another disadvantage to having a hard-sided trailer is that you will not get very good petrol mileage while pulling such a heavy camper trailer. The significant weight of the trailer will cause your petrol mileage to decrease significantly which, in turn, will cost you more money at the petrol pump. 


Importance in Weight

A modern popup camper can weigh as little as 700 kilos. It typically never exceeds a weight of 3,800 kilos.

A hard-sided, aluminum camper trailer can now weigh as little as 1,800 kilos! This is a feather-weight type and is not typical for most trailers. An average weight for an aluminum trailer is 3,500 - 4,500 kilos. Some are heavier depending on size, length, and luxuries.

It is very important to know how much your camping trailer is when you are purchasing it. You want to make sure you have the proper vehicle to pull it safely on the road. Any representative at Jawa can help you with size, weight, and height dimensions for your new off-road camping trailer.


A Name You Can Trust

Both popup campers and aluminum trailers are great trailers for you and your entire family to have a relaxing time at any campsite. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of camper trailer, but both will provide you with protection and endless memories during your camping adventures. When searching for high quality trailers for sale in the Sunshine Coast, it is recommended that you check out Jawa Off Road Campers. They provide the highest quality with the highest standards, and are priced to get the most value for your money. They save you thousands of dollars by offering many inclusions with your purchase such as:

  • Fully Welded and Galvanised Chassis and Drawbar
  • Portable Solar Panels
  • Heavy Duty Independent Suspension on all Trailers
  • Slide out / Swing out kitchens

Each camper trailer is locally made and assembled in Maroochydore. There are finance packages available as well as a 1 year full warranty on all parts and services. Jawa also provides Australia wide delivery. Every single model comes with upgrades!

Rest assured that when you are looking for high quality trailers for sale in the Sunshine Coast, Jawa has affordable prices backed by a name that you can trust.