Off Road Camper Trailers – The Best Option for All Terrain Travel

Off Road Camper Trailers for Sale Sunshine Coast

There are many places to travel and visit within the vast country of Australia. This vast area comes with a wide array of terrain. When travelling with a camper, it is best to use one that can handle any type of terrain. You'll have the best luck with an off road camper.

What Are Off Road Campers?

Off road campers are specially made to withstand all terrain. They can go from travelling down dirt roads to rocky trails & along sandy beaches without getting damaged, getting you to your destination safely. They are much smaller and easier to tow compared to a caravan. Jawa Camper Trailers have been designed with space, storage & technology in mind to give the traveler functionality within the camper trailer to make off-road travel in the outback or on-road easy & enjoyable.

Which Off Road Camper Should I Choose?

Choosing an off road camper is all about knowing your preferences and travel needs. Here is a list of multiple options within a Jawa Off Road Camper Trailer:

  • Storage Options - Jawa off road Campers boast many storage options that slide and even roll out. Some even have a full-sized slide out kitchen. These can make perfect off road campers for travelling with the family or a couple. It's travelling in the outback or on-road in comfort.
  • Portable and Convenient - Some of our models are much lighter than others, depending on its inclusions & features. The lighter the trailer the easier to tow. Make sure you choose the trailer best suited to your style of camping. For a lightweight option please see our Offshore soft floor models.
  • Amenities - Want a camper that includes a fridge and freezer, toilet & shower? You can have that and more! Fuel-efficient and lightweight, these off road campers are perfect for those travelling with small groups and are looking to entertain.
  • Luxury - Yes, you better believe it. At Jawa Offroad Camper Trailers, we have 3x Deluxe model Soft + Hard Floor Trailers which include Fully enclosed Ensuite with Toilet & Shower (cold water), Interior Lighting, Deluxe 4 Burner Stove, Queen Size Bed, just to name a few. Check out our Cruiser Deluxe, Tourer & Bushtrakker trailers.

    These are just a sample of the many off road trailers available in Australia.